Easy Garden Tracker Help

Simplicity + Flexibility = Easy Tracking Power (S + F = ETP)

Easy Garden Tracker uses a simple input format and flexible listing mechanism to provide fast planning and tracking on any device running a browser. Here are some quick tips for getting started. Also see Ann Pentland of Bountiful Boulevards demonstating how she uses Easy Garden Tracker: Video. Back


  • Complete the join form with the Join link. You provide your email address and a password.
  • The system currently gives you the free trial subscription automatically on joining.
Add Activity

  • Click on New Activity.
  • Edit the default Date if desired.
  • Choose an Activity from the pull-down menu or add a new one.  The default list includes the most common garden activities.  The list learns as you add records.
  • Choose or add an Item.  For example, you might select Sow as the Activity and add Carrots as the item.  Whatever makes sense to you.
  • Choose or add a Location.  This could be something like Garden Bed C.  The list learns as you add records.
  • Choose or add a Person or Group (optional).  This could be the person or company doing the Activity. Whatever makes sese to you.  The list learns as you add records.
  • Choose or add a Project.  Your operation may want to group activites by project, such as Loutet Farm or PROJ 22. Please ignore if your operation is a single project.
  • Add a Quantity if appropriate for your activity.  The units are implied and could be considered as lbs or hours or units of your choice, depending on the context.
  • Add a Price if appropriate for your activity.  The form will calculate a total if a price and quantity are present.
  • Add a Comment if clarification is needed.
  • Select Save to save your activity.
  • Add another Activity or select List Activities. You will be able to edit each activity from the activities list.
List Activities

  • Use the date and selection pull down menus to filter the listings and press the Select button.
  • Search looks for phrases in the Item and Comments fields.  Searching Location may be an option in the future.

Edit Activity

  • Click on the edit icon on the listing screen to edit an activity record.

Edit Item

  • Click on the edit icon next to a selected item on the New or Edit Activity screen to edit the text for the selected item. Note: Changing the text will change the text for all records with that selection. Caution is advised.

Using the Plan Activity

  • You can do some garden planning by selecting the Plan activity with a future date and a descriptive Item.
  • You can edit the Plan activities to be a regular activity when completed.
  • Plan activities will display — Due Today — when due on the viewing day and — OVERDUE — when the day has passed. Your due and overdue activites will be listed when you log in.

Listing Summary

The table of numbers at the bottom of the listing provides totals of items that have quantities and prices.


In addition to the listing filters, the reports listings allow grouping by Activity, Item, Location, Person, Project, and Month. For example, grouping by Location will provide a separate listing for each garden bed.

See What Works For You

The simplicity of the data handling allows for considerable flexibility in what you can track.  We will provide video and articles to offer suggested practices, though your listings will likely be unique to your operation:-)

Please report issues or suggest additions to Greg Dixon gregdixon@sharedvisions.com

Also visit www.sharedvisions.com and www.youtube.com/gregdixon2007 for more fun offerings!

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