Easy Garden Tracker 101
Planning For Success

Plan garden, farm, and most other activities!

  • What do you want to grow?
  • Need to order seeds and other supplies?
  • Want to construct new greenhouses?
  • Want to plan a family reunion?
  • Need a vacation already?
  • Want to plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year?
  • Want to increase your productivity?

Easy Garden tracker is great for planning and tracking all garden related activities. It is also surprising good at planning and tracking almost anything!

How to Plan with Easy Garden Tracker

  • Next select or add and item to do in the Item. For example Choose Seeds.
  • You may have a location in mind for where to plant the seeds. This could go in the Location field.
  • The Person or Group field could have the person selecting the seeds or possibly the source.
  • If you track by project, enter something in the Project field.
  • You can add notes in the comments field.

Save the record and add more. Other seed related activies you could plan include thing like Purchase, Germinate, Plant, ... 

You can list your planned activities by click the Planned link:

Plan activities will display — Due Today — when due on the viewing day and — OVERDUE — when the day has passed. Your due and overdue activites will be listed when you log in.

Completing Tasks

Simply edit the Plan activity to something appropriate when the task is complete. Using Labour will allow you track labour costs.


Estimates with an hour value and rate appear in the Summary as an estimated total value. You can use this feature to provide project estimates.


You can increase your daily productivity by doing three simple things:

  1. Plan activities for the next day near the end of the day.
  2. Review and complete the activity the next day.
  3. Repeat every workday.

Easy Garden Tracker can help with daily habit.

Use the comments field to mark items as Urgent or Important.

Recommended Resources

The following resources can complement Easy Garden Tracker


Can Easy Garden Tracker plan and track almost anything?


Easy Garden Tracker allows you to enter any values you want in the various fields, so you can track things specific to what you do in your business or life.

Some of the things I track include:

  • Tasks related to video production, including interviews, scripting, shooting, editing, documenting footage.
  • Planning for the development and marketing of Easy Garden Tracker itself.

There will be an Easy Universal Tracker at some point. Until then, you can use Easy Garden Tracker for almost any industry or activity.


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