Easy Garden Tracker Testimonials

I'm so glad to have found easygardentracker.com. I'm an avid gardening enthusiast with a year-round garden in lovely northern California and I've always been curious about how much my garden actually produces towards my household's food budget. I was looking for an app for my iPad to track my harvest and garden activities but all the apps in the iTunes store seemed more geared towards garden layout and providing encyclopedic information about plants, not tracking actual gardening activities like planting, harvesting, location, etc. Then I stumbled upon Ann's video and was delighted to see that something like the easygardentracker existed.

I like that the easygardentracker runs in my browser so I can easily see the data on my computer as well as my iPad. I also like that I can download the data into my own spreadsheet for further report and documentation refinement. Also, I can customize my activities, items, locations, etc., add notes, and run custom search reports in the browser to easily see my progress at a glance. After using the Easy Garden Tracker for just a few months, the information I've collected is already invaluable, providing a detailed history that I can refer to as I evaluate this year's crop and as I get ready to plant next year's crop. Thank you for a great tool!

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